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“Mobile first” New Rules of content marketing

2015-12-29 marketing Expert Seach Engine Optimization 1126 view

Content marketing is not a very old discipline but the way it is going, it is very clear that content is the future. A significant shift has already taken place in terms of how content is consumed by users.

Today users are consuming majority of content from within mobile apps from major platform providers like Facebook and Twitter.

This shift cannot ignored, and it will have a clear impact on how and where content marketing is going in near future.

New Mobile consumer dynamic: As per comScore report mobile has become our primary access point to the internet, convenience of being able to communicate on-the-go, 24/7, users are spending maximum time on mobile than any other media. This only indicate that digital media is evolving towards mobile first.

To be relevant for the new mobile consumer dynamic, content has to be mobile friendly.Mobile content must be shorter and include compelling visuals; it should be quick to appear on mobile screen and should be able to give single–page scrolling experience.

Action oriented content will be used to retain the users. Content provided through Mobile App has a major challenge it does not want users to go to other sites at the simultaneously where as on desktop users can browse and open more than one taps easily it hampers the opportunities of revisit of users. As a result action oriented content like, sigh up for email subscription etc, will be need to be integrated within the flow of content.

Offsite content: In future not only content will be consumed from within mobile app but also there will be a significant growth of the content is being hosted by platform providers like Facebook “Instant Articles”, where publishers will be allowed to store content within Facebook. This will give a new viewing experience to the users, they can see the content then and there and do not have to click on a link that takes them to a publishers’ site. Google and Twitter are also developing similar platform and services.

In near future publishers will need to be ready to accept these new phenomena and should be ready to push the content offsite. New measurement / analytic tools are on the way, these tools will provide a comprehensive picture of offsite and onsite user activities they will tell the publisher how users are interacting with their content and brand offsite, beyond their own website properties.

Usage of Content data: As we can see it very clearly, today, it is not only the mobile which is rising but also Content consumption from multiple media is growing at very fast pace. There for it will be very crucial to understand the behavior of the same content on different platform. A particular piece of content might derive more clicks on twitter but more email sign up on Facebook due to the natures of each platform’s audience.

So behavioral or usage data of a piece of content across platform will be very crucial for content marketer, so that they can distribute content effectively.

To get insight on content performance across platforms, marketer will start to use Content data- data that captures how different audiences act on content across platforms.

Content data will enable marketers to push past the limitations of traditional cookie-based marketing -- particularly important as more content gets read on mobile devices where cookies don't work -- and target audiences across different platforms with their content.

Advantage of targeted audience: The consumption beyond publisher’s own site, Content Data of multiple media will create an edge for publishers to deliver better ROI to their advertisers; this will be a new option for them where target will be very specific.

In today’s shifting publishing landscape, the targeting approach of advertising will create a new revenue stream.

Focus on revenue through Content: As publishers and marketers spend money to distribute their content, it becomes important to make sure that Revenue targets are being achieved. Creating massive amounts of content and distributing it across audiences and platforms without any sound plan, will not always achieve business goals. Content will need to be developed through the lens of business objectives, target audiences, and distribution platforms.

Marketers can better understand how content resonates with various, niche audiences across different platforms by focusing on measuring content effectiveness -- particularly against business goals. Looking at how the content experience and resulting target audience response differs based on distribution platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) is the first step to improve content creation and measurement.

Future will be an exciting year in content marketing. Marketers will develop a "mobile-first" mentality and become better at leveraging the platform providers, both from a content hosting and a content distribution perspective. Content marketing initiatives will go to the next level in the year ahead, becoming much more effective at meeting business goals.